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Ernie is a former Army SAI and understands your needs and budget constraints. We are here to help Junior ROTC programs every way we can! We have been in business for over 20 years. Medals, Uniform Name tags, ARC Pins, uniform rank, awards, we have them!
Army, Air Force, USMC Marines, USN Navy, Junior Cadet Corps Instructors & Cadets are all welcome.
If you need something and don't see it. Send us an email at and we will take a look and see if we can add it for you.

Recommended Products

Product ID : acu_leadership

Leadership ACU/UCP patch with hook backing. Leadership patches are foliage...
Price: $3.29
Product ID : arc_pin

Quick order with drop down of all Arc Pins. Metal enameled arc pin with gold...
Price: $2.31
Product ID : nametape_abu_indiv

Custom ABU nametape choose between hook backing or sew on option.
Price: $2.85
Product ID : acu_rank

ALL RANKS - ACU/UCP rank size: 2" x 2". Army cadet rank with hook back JROTC...
Price: $2.75
Product ID : JDT-01-001

JROTC name tags are Army military spec uniform nameplates for class A/B & ASU...
Price: $1.93
Product ID : JDT-51-010

Swallowtail Custom Guidon Flags made with your 2 custom lines of information...
Price: $198.00
Product ID : jdt-21-017-ms

Custom made Streamer for JROTC / ROTC units. Takes about 8 weeks to be made.
Price: $44.00
Product ID : JDT-36-005

The Daedalian medal set includes medal with drape attached & ribbon in a...
Price: $22.00
Product ID : beret

ALL SIZES- JROTC grey beret with the Junior ROTC flash sewn on
Price: $14.30
Product ID : JDT-19-021

Torch of Knowledge. This insignia is worn by enlisted cadets centered on both...
Price: $4.18
Product ID : JDT-19-033

JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons....
Price: $1.99
Product ID : oxford_men

Black shiny poromeric upper oxford ultra-lightweight oil and slip resistant...
Price: $82.49