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Daedalian Medal Set (Each)

Daedalian Medal Set (Each)
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The Daedalian medal set includes medal with drape attached & ribbon in a sleeve for presentation.

Daedalians Award

The Order of Daedalians is a Fraternity of commissioned military pilots from all military services. The award consists of a medal and a ribbon bar. The medal is fashioned after an ancient Grecian plaque that depicts Daedalus and his son Icarus fabricating their legendary wings of wax and feathers. To be eligible for an award the candidate must:

•Demonstrate patriotism, love of country, and service to our nation.

•Indicate the potential and desire to pursue a military career.

•Rank in the upper 10% of the JROTC class.

•Rank in the upper 20% of the high school class.

 The recipient will be selected by the senior JROTC instructor who coordinates the selection and the presentation with the Order of Daedalians. A member of the Order of Daedalians should present the medal if possible. However, the senior JROTC instructor may present the award if a member of the organization cannot make the presentation.

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Product ID : JDT-36-005
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