JROTC Uniform Ruler (Each)

Product ID: JDT-19-033_rowG2
JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons. Translucent plastic ruler.

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JROTC Collar Device Brass Enlisted Torch (Pr)

Product ID: JDT-19-021_rowJ5

Torch of Knowledge. This insignia is worn by enlisted cadets centered on both collars parallel to the inside edge of each lapel with the outside edge of the insignia positioned 1 inch above the notch of the lapel for males, 5/8″ for females.
ROTC Bright Letters (Pair)

Product ID: jdt-19-020_rowJ10

ROTC letters in bright (gold) finish. ROTC collar devices pair
Cadet Command DUI Crest (Pair)

Product ID: JDT-19-022_rowJ10

Cadet Command DUI unit crest - Distinctive Unit Insignia pin
Leadership Excellence Pin (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-19-025-ms_rowH22

Leadership Excellence small lapel pin
JROTC Lapel Pin (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-19-032_rowH22

Army JROTC lapel pin.
Recondo Badge Crest (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-19-023_rowI16

Army JROTC / ROTC Recondo Badge worn by all MS IV Cadets who have successfully completed Recondo training at Cadet Leadership Course. Female & Male Cadets wear the badge centered on the left pocket of their ASU coat