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** Quick Order Arc Pin

Product ID: arc_pin

Quick order with drop down of all Arc Pins. Metal enameled arc pin with gold colored lettering and gold colored border.
Air Force JROTC #1 Graduation Medal

Product ID: JDT-60-020

Purchase a Neck Drape to wear around your neck with your graduation stole and cords. Medal is approximately 2"
Army Uniform Nameplates (Each)

Product ID: JDT-01-001_rowK2

JROTC name tags are Army military spec uniform nameplates for class A/B & ASU uniforms. Black pebble finish with white letters. size 1" tall x 3" wide. all letters will be capitalized on name tags unless specified. Army name plate for JROTC / ROTC / active duty. Price includes name engraved on Army name plates and tip backings. please fax or email your list of names. Army name AROTC nametag, name tag, AJROTC, Junior ROTC name badge
Blank Army Nameplates Backless (Box Of 100 pieces)

Product ID: JDT-02-007_rowK2

Blank army nameplates with a detached back. Back is detached for ease of use with your nameplate machine. Comes with adhesive back to attach after engraving.

Box includes 100 blank pebble finish name tags, 100 detached backs, and 200 brass nameplate backings. These nameplates, name plates are NOT ENGRAVED. To recieve custom engraved Army military name plates please see our custom engraved name plates.

Blank pebble finish Army name plates size 1" tall x 3" wide. JROTC / ROTC / Active Duty

Size: 1" tall x 3" wide
Finish: Pebble
Color: Black
Font Color When Engraved: White
Crossed Rifle Badge

Product ID: JDT-60-013_rowG4

Crossed Rifle badge with wreath is the perfect award addition to wear on the JROTC graduation stole
Daedalian Medal Set (Each)

Product ID: JDT-36-005_rowH13

The Daedalian medal set includes medal with drape attached & ribbon in a sleeve for presentation.
JROTC Collar Device Brass Enlisted Torch (Pr)

Product ID: JDT-19-021_rowJ5

Torch of Knowledge. This insignia is worn by enlisted cadets centered on both collars parallel to the inside edge of each lapel with the outside edge of the insignia positioned 1 inch above the notch of the lapel for males, 5/8″ for females.
JROTC Uniform Ruler (Each)

Product ID: JDT-19-033_rowG2

JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons. Translucent plastic ruler.
Marine JROTC Graduation Medal

Product ID: JDT-60-022

Purchase a Neck Drape to wear around your neck with your graduation stole and cords.
Neck Drape For Graduation Medal (EA)

Product ID: lanyard_neck_drape

Choose your color of neck drape to attach to your graduation medal.
Reflective Physical Training Belt

Product ID: JDT-30-055_rowG7

48” X 1.75” Reflective Physical Training Belt is perfect for staying safe while training in the darker hours of the day.
ROTC Eagle Stole Pin (EA)

Product ID: JDT-60-082_rowG4

ROTC Eagle stole pin is the perfect award addition to wear on your graduation stole